TownWall Job Posting

I’m building a small team and currently searching for the right person(s) to contribute their skills and attitude towards a full time contract that is exciting, difficult, and has the potential for a massive positive influence on the town of Fort St. John.

You will not be provided with an office… so you’ll have to be mobile, computer savvy, and able to work from anywhere.

The role will include managing our communication channels, writing blog posts and newsletters, customer support, fostering and growing our community online and off, creating community partnerships, public presentations, and driving sales through our upcoming products and support base. Probably more.

We're looking for the drive and genuine excitement in you, that will go hand in hand with joining an ambitious start-up. We want to build a small team of focused and fun-loving people who's mission is to break the boundaries between the locals and newcomers. To turn everyone into an active part of the local community.

But remember, TownWall is a startup, you must be self-driven and willing to get your hands dirty. Everyday will be different. If you are not ready for all the excitement, opportunities and challenges that come with a startup, this is not for you.

We work long days, and there’s a large amount of personal responsibility required.

The project duration, for now, is 3 months. The intent is that if the first 3 months show promise, we will continue, but it is not guaranteed. Pay is $2,500 / month, paid every month. Expected hours are minimum 40 per week. Part time is a possibility, if you can twist my arm.

The structure of the days will be a daily morning meeting, where we report our wins and losses and talk logistics for our upcoming goals.

You will be a contractor and will need to provide your own equipment, such as laptop, internet connection, cell phone, etc. The project and the process is off the record and is a work-for-hire.

Breakfast (or lunch if you prefer) is also provided, though. :)

I know there will be interest from many amazing people. Unfortunately I won’t be able to hire everyone. Not being picked has nothing at all to do with not being amazing. It’s merely the physics of limited space.

I’ll do my best to notify everyone by email, but bookmark this page and come back on Sept 22 if you don’t hear from me before then.

Application deadline: Midnight, September 17.

To express your interest in the job, please fill out this form: